Our Hearts Your Hands Inc.

Our Hearts Your Hands Inc.

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Achievements and Awards 

Last November, five Nurse Anesthetists from the healthcare industry formed Our Hearts Your Hands Inc. to help raise awareness about anesthesia care. Continue reading to learn about their achievements and awards in the past. For further inquiries, contact our organization at [email protected]


  • Three (3) Board Members Received the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) Agatha Hodgins Award for Outstanding Accomplishment
  • Three (3) 3 Board Members Are Experts in Nurse Anesthesia Education and Accreditation of National Educational Programs
  • Two (2) Board Members Received the International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists (IFNA) Hermi Lohnert Award for Outstanding Service
  • Two (2) Board Members Are Former AANA Presidents
  • Two (2) Board Members Are International Educational Program Accreditation Visitors
  • One (1) Board Member Is the Current President of the IFNA
  • One (1) Board Member Is the Past President of IFNA
  • One (1) Board Member Has International Accreditation Development Experience

2016 Donors

2017 Donors